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Thursday, January 21st 2021

Our Story

We are very well aware you will like to know a bit of our love story. 

Olaide Falana

LAUGHS! Just like yesterday! Back then in 2014, we started as a friend, but the worst part of the friendship was that, he called ones in 3 months. Lols. I would pick the call and asked “Who is this”? (because I didn’t save his number, to me, he was unserious with the friendship. What type of friends communicate ones in 3 months? Smiles )
After asking same question for more than 4 times, Olubukolami vex! He said and I quote “If I call you next time and you still ask me who is on the line, I will not call you again”. I was like, Yeee! Oga Don vex o. Sharperly, I saved the number. But he also changed. He called more frequently but I wasn’t satisfied. (but later tired of his calls, when my Oga fell in love finally🤣)
Oga, I want more calls jare. 😂😀😀

Later, I wanted to chase him away by asking for “urgent 2k” and “urgent airtime”. Omo, he sent it sharperly without asking what for. I was like “this will not work again ni? Oga fall my hand o, Abi I should ask for another urgent 3k ni” 🤣🤣🤣
I thought he wanted to buy my love with money, later I realized that he’s just naturally generous! (even if he wanna buy my love with money, is it with “urgent 2k”?)
After 2 years of friendship and strong head, and prayers, I later considered MY CHAIRMAN.

I didn’t regret making such decision , it was a best decision ever! Always thanking Jehovah God for the day I met him. I can’t just stop imagining getting married to my best friend soon, my gist partner(even though he’s a quiet person and I’m a talkative, he learned to talk too when he’s with me), my business supporter, my playmate!

We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!



Olubukola Agboo​la

She has indeed made me a better person. I love her with all my heart and look forward to the day I will call her my wife. Yes, I mean it.

 I’m tired right now. Even though I can call myself an author, I don’t write stories on love but on business and technology. 

You’ll get more details about us with our good life together.

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A capable wife is a crown to her husband, but the wife who acts shamefully is like rottenness in his bones.

Proverbs 12: 4

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There will be lot of fun, Cultural Ambience, Live Music and lots more


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We have decided to go for the touch of burgundy and gold.


Yes! Love is a good thing and we are celebrating it. Rejoice with us. Share in our joy.

Parking Area

KBK Multipurpose Event Center, the venue chosen for the wedding party is blessed with a parking lot. You do not have to worry about the security of your car

Food & Drinks

Foods and Drink will be available in abundance. A wedding event is a joyous thing. Come, wine and dine with us.

What Our Friends Say!

Olaide's Friends


Olaide is an example of what I will want my partner to be.. Easy going, down to earth, a lover of Jehovah, hard working and an honest human…. My first contact with Olaide was way back in late 2018 when the both of us were prospective corps members.. We took the same bus from Osun down to the orientation camp.. We got along really well and we became best of friends..

We served in the same ppa and infact lived in the same flat. Our flat was so big that it housed about seven of us, Olaide became our mother. We couldn’t take decisions in Olaide’s absence cause we knew she had the wisdom of Solomon. And yeah! Olaide is an entrepreneur. She never relied on “allawe” as some of us did to survive…

Olaide is a wonderful human, and she’s one of the friends I will keep for life… Cheers to your new home Olaide



I have known Ruth as a very hardworking and wonderful friend. A friend that sticks closer than a brother. Been her friend and business partner has taught me the meaning of friendship and hardwork.

She is very inspirational and very wise. Ruth is a very dear friend, one of my closest who is never short of advice. A prayer woman, a great woman. Today I wish you the best as you begin a new chapter in your married life.

You deserve the best and am glad God did it for you. I love you babe. Always and forever. Cheers to a good friend. Love you.

Omotanwa Jobson

Our friends are very important part of our lives, they make us or Mar us. They are mirrors to our thoughts, gives us reasons to continue. It’s 2 years down the line and still counting.

Our journey began at the finale of our stay in Nysc camp, Afipko Ebonyi state and throughout our service year till this moment we been together and we’ve been more than just friends, we’ve been sisters ( a sister I never had, a twin at that as people address us) and we’ve grown to be business partners.
Your friendship has taught me that some of the most important things in life are not to be gained by money but insight from special people.

I can’t claim u are perfect but with your imperfections u are simply the best. U go out of your way to see people around you happy, u always seeking the good in others which is a rare but wonderful trait. Ur hardworking spirit, ur prayer zeal is second to none and that has been a part of my inspiration.
Am so honored to be your maid of honor to grace your day( you self no go want make I change am for you).

I know uncle B has found a treasure.

Keep being awesome and bold. You are simply amazing, you are an anchor and a steady friend. May our friendship last forever even to our children days. I thank u for always making me feel special. May this new journey be a blissful one for u, am so happy for u baby girl. At this point let me stop here cos if I keep on writing I will fill up the website, let me give room for others to write. Once again congratulations, may Jehovah bless ur union, Esu ko ni ya yin oooo. I love u 💋💋💋


An energetic and honourable lady with a high business acumen. She has a perfect look of a modern lady and the prestige of our mothers.

A perfect blend of character, beauty and Brains.

What a lucky guy her husband will be.


Olaide Falana Our beautiful bride to be is a good friend of mine, a childhood friend. She is like my blood, she is good in and out, she is pretty, decent, calm, nice, diligent, brilliant, accommodating, outspoken, hardworking, always willing to render help to anyone who needs it. I can say she was perfectly made, she came from a good Christian Family, got a nice Parents and Siblings. We have been together for years and I Aderonke have not regretted having her as a friend. I can definitely guarantee her for anything, I believe her husband will enjoy all her good features and I wish her a peaceful home.

I love you Olaide.


Hmmm Olaide! Let me just make it short because my ink will be exhausted if I start to write about her!

She’s humble, Trustworthy, Intelligent, Creative, Hardworking, Caring, God faring and she’s a lady with Heart ♥ of gold!

Abiola cares!


I don’t care what anyone else thinks, but I really think you’re the best.
Your amazing set of qualities set you apart from everyone else.

It’s even more adorable seeing that you’re so unaware of how much of a beautiful soul you are.
That’s why I’m writing this – a simple heartfelt message to you.
You are there even when you don’t have to be.
You are there when no one else is.
You know all my faults which could overwhelm anyone yet you choose to love me daily, by the minute, by the second, assertively, jealously, proudly.
I often catch myself wondering what it is I have done to deserve you but I’m learning to stop wondering. I’m learning to accept the fact that you’re a gift I don’t deserve.

You’ve been there through the good and the bad times. You’ve been a constant throughout the ups and downs of life.
We’ve been through it all, navigating life together and every blessed day, when I count my blessings, you’re always part of it.
How could one not love a person like you? So magnificent yet self-effacing.
Since your coming into my life, I’ve been better than I ever was. I keep getting better with each passing day and it’s all because of the example in loving you’ve shown me.

You face life and its attendant ups and downs with such dignity and grace, it’s no wonder people are drawn to you. It’s no wonder many want to be in your inner circle. It’s no wonder many want to be like you but can they really? Can anyone acquire what comes so naturally to you? Perhaps!
Can I talk about your energy? Boundless! Awesome! Admirable! It’s like there’s an ever-flowing spring of energy flowing from your soul. You tirelessly go about doing all that you believe in. Nothing discourages you, nothing stops you. Once you set your mind on it, you go for it. It’s so amazing to watch you when you’re this way.
Your life inspires us all. You’re a bundle of positivity, a beacon of possibility giving us all the strength to move on.
You’re my best friend and a dear friend to so many more people we know. (Even though u no come greet me after I gave birth to your godson…. But I forgive u 🤣)

There’s no dull moment around you. You’re the type of person everyone loves to love.
You’re always the first to give without asking for anything in return.
I’m glad I get to be around you and have your kindness warm my heart too.
If I could go back in time, if I had to choose again, I’d still choose you to be my best friend.
You’re more than a friend, you’ve become a sister, my blood.
Your life, your laughter, your presence, your positive energy, gives me so much joy. I am addicted to your tender loving care. I am addicted to your love, who wouldn’t?
People need you because you genuinely care. You are many people’s shoulder to lean on.
You lend them an helping hand in their times of need. You enrich lives more than anyone else I know. Sometimes I think you’re an angel in disguise.
You’re the first to forgive. You never begrudge anyone.
You believe so much in people, always seeing only the good sides of them.
You let people know there is more to them beyond their mistakes.
No wonder, everyone that comes around you always strive to be better.
You’ve got an awesome aura, an aura of peace, an aura of love. I want to be around you all the time.

I’m jealous already, when you’ll have to get married and you become exclusively someone else’s. I know you’re going to be an awesome spouse, for whoever finds you would have found the best thing in his lifetime.
I know you’re going to make an awesome parent too. You’ve had more than enough practice caring for us all. I have no doubt your family will be the luckiest on earth.
You love fully without holding back. Your expression of love is the most awesome ever and I need you more than you can wrap your mind around.
You’re way stronger than you know. You are incredibly powerful. You are mindlessly beautiful. You are kind. You are grounded.You are awesome and I totally, absolutely love you.
You are all of this and more, an incredibly awesome package.
If you think I’m writing all of this to make you feel good, you’re right, because you deserve to know the truth about yourself and you deserve the feeling of goodness that comes with that knowledge.
I have never met anyone as incredible as you are. Please don’t ever change. Don’t ever let bad people get to you. Keep being the bundle of awesomeness that you are.
Thank you for being there when I was at my lowest. You helped me navigate those difficult times. You helped me pick myself up and start all over again.
You were the voice of reason that kept drumming into my head that everything will be fine. And you were right, everything turned out all right.
You are empathetic, always watching out for other’s well beings

If the world had more people like you, it would definitely be a better place.
I want you to know I will always be there for you, just as you’ve always been here for me.
I want you to know that you deserve the very best in life, so don’t ever settle for less.
I want you to know that one someday, one day soon, you will achieve all of your dreams and I will be here to celebrate with you.
I want you to know that I’ve got your back always. All those plans we made, all those places we promised to visit, we will, definitely.
I celebrate you, Olaide, today and always. Thank you for every time.
Love, always!


Mrs Adebayo Oluwabusolami Osagie
I remembered how I always remind you about family worship day and you’ll promise to come but still won’t show up😏(Olodo rabata)!!! Perkyplucky is a friend with a good heart. She’s humble, easy going but don’t test her patience because she get choko and you no go wan add milk as e fit cause kasala😅😅😅😅. Her husband’s going to enjoy her because she possess the quality of a virtuous woman most especially industriousness and doesn’t give up easily which is why I really admire her. I know you’re going to do just fine in your new phase of life and I wish you Jehovah’s blessings in your journey to forever. Mrs Adebayo Oluwabusolami Osagie AKA Black Diamond😁😁😁😁

Olubukola's Friends

Femi Abisoye

Let me start with this: Can you recollect how Mr. Saka, Our class teacher brought us up with this competition to enable us strive to always be better at what we do in our class then?The journey of growing up with you right from Ore-ofe Oluwa N/P school through FGCIK was a great one which i couldn’t quantify. The day the news broke that you will be joining us from Unity school Ikire was a day i won’t forget.

The life together at FGCIK was fun because we were more matured. Only you can interprete some few of the memories am about to list: The 2-5, Nejoko, the bush babies in the night, madam koi koi, Red night, sieving water with our uniform to drink, tapping, the list is on and on and on. You are simply an amazing being with a unique personality. Thank God for the life spent together.

God bless your union and your new beginning. More success stories in Jesus name.

You are blessed of the Lord.

Oladipupo Alaka

We first met when we were in Primary 2A, Mr Saka’s Class. We became really good friends in Pry4 . I remembered our then Teacher, Mr Akande used to reward the neatest pupil as the Class captain for a week. You and Femi Abisoye used to switch the class Captaincy like Rooney and Ronaldo switching positions on the field of play. Olubukola’s gator can give you a cut on your skin..

We left Ore-Ofe Oluwa N/P school. We all departed. Myself, Femi Abisoye and my Brother(Olaitan Alaka) later went to FGCIK. But as faith would bring us together, You came to join us in 2nd term at FGCIK. We were all united and very happy. We looked for each others back during the thin and thick. We cried and laughed together. Formed our own soccer team, classmates became envious of us because the bonds between us were inseparable. We made additional 4 amazing friends , we grew together and matured together. I remembered the day you brought a Chess board to school and taught us all how to play. The second day, few of us started defeating you. The competition was so intense and intriguing. Your Survival instinct in boarding house was next to none. You were so smart, strong and adventurous.

Your nickname then Cricket, once saved you from punishment when you guys went for an orchard adventure and the other students that were caught did not know your real name. But as a free hearted man, you assisted them in their punishment of grass cutting at the football pitch. I wish you Joy, happiness, and an everlasting love with your heart Rob.


Seun Hendewe

Olubukola, the great guy always ready to work and makes sure something good comes out of anything he does, although I’ve known you for a short while but Ure a man that is principled and focused.

I pray as you go on this journey of marriage God would bless your home, give u abundant peace and lovely kids. From yours


Olaitan Alaka

I knew you since primary days but only from distance and I have always been a fan of your brain to start with, you are smart, neat and very gentle. We became friends at Federal Government College Ikirun together with my brother and other amazing six guys but you and I have been inseparable since then. I admired your love for God and you never stop “even after 28 years later” trying to tell me about the love of God for me.

You always stand up for the weak as you can’t stand the sight of a bully. We’ve had so many laughs together and likewise we don’t always have it green too but we were together through thin and thick. Bukola do u remember the night a wicked senior bullied us and finished over 40 strokes of cane on our body for taking a cup from the bucket of water he sent a junior? I remembered you saying that lonely night that “you will become a senior too one day” but you eventually turned out to be a funny and loving senior loved by all(Including juniors) .

I got admitted into University of Ibadan and you were admitted at Obafemi Awolowo University to study Computer science and Computer Engineering respectively and even distance couldn’t separate us. We were always in touch and you mostly do the visiting during that time and you never complained as you are an understanding person.

During holidays we hustled together in Lagos at your Brother’s site sometimes as Site Supervisor and we were always happy together.
I am very happy that my humble friend is taking a giant step to forever and I am honoured to be the best man but I want you to know I would rather walk with you in the dark than walk alone in the light. Congratulations my dear friend and I wish you a happy married life.


Francis Maduekwe


The story of my friendship with Olubukola aka Bukky started from the hallowed Fajuyi Hall of Residence in Obafemi Awolowo University.

Bukky was my roommate, friend and a funny guy to be with. Disciplined to the core and exuding an unwavering spirit of excellence. From our days in school, Bukky has always been a fellow to count on whenever you needed, albeit his advice may not always flow with what you wanted to hear(lol).

Bukky always say things as there were. He’s not one to pander to half truths; man of deep reflection and recollection. He’s someone whom you will always want to have in your corner and be rest assured of his unwavering loyalty, friendship, truth and making you uncomfortable with just being average.

To your beautiful wife Ola, there’s nothing more i can say about this man that you do not already know. However, let me reiterate that Bukky is a man who’s caring, affectionate and loves without saying much. He’s a good choice of partner, one whom you should feel proud of always and anytime. His deep spirituality is an anchor needed in marriages of today. Be rest assured that you will find in him a friend, a partner and playmate.

Together, your marriage is blessed and i pray that your joy will be ever flowing, peace unending and blessings unhindered.

Happy married life to you guys.

From Francis Maduekwe.

Abimbola Akinsiku (Nee Oni)
Reminiscing on those days at Obafemi Awolowo University, when we had to go to classes for lectures; come back with loads of assignments; and still go for night reading, I am glad to say Bukola and I have come a long way. Being a Direct Entry student then was really difficult and combining those activities. I got to know him early and that was pivotal in the successful journey through Engineering school. was excellent with note taking in class and you can always count on him for explanations/clarifications. I call him ORACLE JAGAJAGA, because he was preparing for Oracle certification exams then and was always boasting about it. I felicitate with you as you plan to leave the bachelors’ club and join the happily married group. May you find Favour and Joy in your marriage and may your marriage be fruitful and enjoyable for you. Congratulations Bukola your new home is blessed.

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